Brand naming contest! CONTEST IS CLOSED!


For people with chewing and swallowing problems (dysphagia), Gastronology develops 3D printed food so that these people can again enjoy a fresh and tasty meal.
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Will you come up with the winning brand name for this product range? 

What you need to do

  • Follow us on LinkedIn (Gastronology 3D Food Works) and Instagram (@gastronology3dfoodworks).
  • Enter the name you came up with on the form at the bottom of this web page. 

Please note that you can participate until Friday, 15 October 2021 at the latest. At the end of November 2021, the winner will be personally informed and announced through this website.

What you could win

  • A Gastronology arrangement for 2 consisting of 2 overnight stays at Natuurspa Landschot in  Hoogeloon including breakfast and two dinners where 1 dinner consists of a special Gastronology 3D food dinner for 2 prepared by chef Crijns from Restaurant Crijns and SVH Master Chef Eugène Swalen of Gastronology; or
  • 2 hotel overnight stays for 2 in the luxurious Kurhaus in Scheveningen including breakfast and dinner; or
  • A wellness arrangement for 2 at a spa centre (Bussloo, Berendonck, Soesterberg or Bad Nieuweschans) including 1 overnight stay, breakfast and a 3 course surprise dinner and a nurturing massage of 50 minutes of your choice.

The jury

  • Peter Nieuwkerk, CEO Gastronology | 3D Food Works
  • Eugène Swalen, SVH master chef Gastronology | 3D Food Works
  • Ariane van Macius, Managing Director marketingbureau NowNewNext
  • Kristel Kalkers, MIJZO healthcare institutions

Please note that you can participate until Friday, 15 October 2021 at the latest. At the end of November 2021, the winner will be personally informed and announced through this website.

Terms and conditions of this contest

A selection of the contest rules are listed below. The complete terms and conditions of this contest can be found here

The brand name:

  • Must sound positive.
  • May be fictitious.
  • Must be easy to pronounce in at least Dutch and English and, by preference, also in German, French and Spanish.
  • May not be a protected or already used brand name, trade name or domain name (see also 'Choice of the winning brand name’).
  • Must be substantiated with an explanation.

Conditions for a valid participation

  • You are or shall be a follower of the Gastronology page on LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • You are participating as a private individual and not as a company.
  • Your employer has no objections to you participating.
  • You are not a robot. :-)
  • Members of the panel of judges are excluded from participating.
  • You may submit 3 (three) names at most (as a participant).
  • You have completed the full contest form via de website.
  • You can participate up to and including 15 October 11.50 p.m. (Dutch time). An entry is only valid if submitted before this time.
  • If the participant is younger than 18, the participant's parents or carers must give their consent to participation.

As a participant, you give consent to 

  • Through your participation, you commit to cooperate publicly to the giving of the prize and give consent for your name to be announced as the winner as well as being used on photos and/or videos.
  • By submitting your suggestion, you transfer the ownership of the brand name created by you to Gastronology BV. You also waive your rights to the brand name you came up with and do not make any further claims on the use of the brand name
  • Through your participation you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the the terms and conditions of this contest

In the unlikely event that you do not win

A contest also means that you may possibly not win despite your good idea. For us, you are always a winner because you have shown your willingness to be constructive and have our dream come true that people with chewing and swallowing problems can later on again enjoy tasty and healthy food!