3D food for
the healthcare sector

Developed for dysphagia patients and others

The residents of your care institution not only need attention and good quality care, but also tasty food. 

Unfortunately dysphagia and other disorders often make 'normal' eating impossible. There is also no fun in eating minced food which is unrecognizable. The 'Dysphalicious' 3D food line we have developed will enable you to serve your patients the very best to help them regain their desire and appetite, enjoy eating food once again and improve their quality of life.


Delicious and healthy food possible again thanks to 3D food printing

Gastronology's 3D food printing technology makes it possible for people with dysphagia to participate in social eating moments again; it brings back joy to the table.
Ready-made, frozen and printed products are available under the brand name 'Dysphalicious' for people with chewing and swallowing problems. The cardboard packaging contains approximately 20 pieces of soft structured fresh-frozen vegetables that are easy to heat up in the oven. The range, which is still being expanded, currently consists of carrot, beetroot, cauliflower, broccoli, peas, pumpkin, sweet potato, potato, and haricot verts.


A healthier appetite and a more positive eating experience

3D food products are fresh, soft and moist. They taste delicious and look inviting. 3D food looks like normal food but then in tasty, recognisable shapes rather than round balls or shapeless mash. The respectful way in which 3D food is manufactured means patients can once again enjoy eating independently. Like any other person they can again take part in a normal, daily routine with a new feeling of 'belonging'.

She hates her meals

"Since my mother has had a dental prosthesis she's no longer been able to properly chew and swallow. Although she receives the same food as everyone else, she hates her meals because they are minced and therefore have a different shape. It's difficult to explain to her why she needs minced food and what exactly she's eating. A 3D meal, served in a realistic way, would have a very positive effect on her eating experience. She would then be getting a normal meal which she would also be able to eat."

Informal carer - -


A natural way to stimulate your appetite

A healthy appetite is vitally important for your patients. SVH Master Chef, Eugène Swalen, develops food which can really stimulate your appetite and which smells, tastes and looks fantastic. He is a master at developing recipes which always have a wow effect, based on respect for both the food and the patient. He only uses fresh, natural high-quality ingredients and tailors the flavour to the needs of the patient group.

Recognisable food in appearance and flavour

"Cooking using fresh products and making tasty dishes encourages people to eat more. In the process it is particularly important that the people in question recognise the food, both in terms of appearance (shape) and flavour. Using modern day cooking techniques enhances people's eating experience and makes them more enthusiastic about food." 

Bart van Huffel - Master Chef | Stichting tanteLouise


In accordance with the IDDSI standard

The textures of our 3D food recipes correspond to level 4 and level 5 nutritional consistencies, namely 'Puréed' and 'Minced and moist' respectively, of the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI). Among other things this means that our purée:

  1. is not lumpy or sticky;
  2. does not have to be chewed;
  3. does not release any moisture into the mouth;
  4. can be eaten with a spoon or fork;
  5. cannot be consumed using a straw;
  6. can be printed in 3D layers;
  7. retains its shape on the plate;
  8. does not slip off a spoon before it reaches the person's mouth;
  9. slides into the person's mouth in one go;
  10. creates enjoyable eating experiences.

Need for smooth and more coarsely minced food

"At tanteLouise we have a wide variety of clients with various clinical pictures which can include chewing and swallowing problems. Their food can be smoothly or coarsely minced, depending on the client. For us it is important that clients can enjoy their meals safely and we also believe that the experience of eating is very important as well." 

Leonie Jochems-Verheijen | Dietician, Lisanne Goudswaard | Occupational therapist - tanteLouise

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Would you like to find out more about Gastronology?

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