About 3D food printing

Innovative 3D food technology

The best of two worlds, united in a single technology. 

Gastronology brings together refined gastronomy and innovative 3D technology. The result is 3D food solutions for specific target groups and applications. Gastronology comprises the knowledge, skills and technology behind 3D food. Fresh, safe, easy to eat food which is tastier, more flavoursome and groundbreaking in shape.


Revolutionary in terms of recipe and design

We use Gastronology to develop delicious 3D food recipes with a much improved flavour and a functional or fun shape. On the one hand we devise attractive, recognisable food shapes which look identical to normal solid food. The colour, shape and experience on the plate are the same. Only the bite is different because it is soft instead of al dente. This makes it ideal for dysphagia patients and others. On the other hand we develop fun and experimental shapes which are deliberately not based on how the food originally looked. This makes them irresistible to, for example, young children.


Brimming with quality and individuality

The quality of our 3D food recipes is the sum of the right ingredients and the washing, peeling, cutting, mincing and cooking methods. Each recipe contains on average 95% fresh, natural ingredients from the farm or other source, selected with care and complemented with a complex mix of flavourings, natural colourings and binding agents. Each recipe uses different ingredients and that makes each one unique.


A well-balanced mix of ingredients

The development of 3D food recipes is the essence of Gastronology. Behind the simplicity of each 3D product lies a complex, unique 3D food recipe, created from -on average- 95% fresh ingredients and no more than 5% mixed flavourings and binding agents. The 4 factors which determine the success of our 3D recipes are:

The ingredients and washing, peeling, cutting, mincing and cooking methods determine the excellent quality of our 3D food recipes.

Thanks to their special texture - smooth and not sticky - our 3D recipes are extremely easy to print in 3D and consume (IDDSI).

Each recipe retains its pure, natural flavour. Where necessary we optimise, enrich or enhance the flavour (for example for people who have lost their sense of taste).

Binding agents
The main secret behind the recipe. The mix of binding agents differs for each recipe and determines the solidity and consistency of shape.



Tasty, ready-to-print 3D food designs

The way food is presented influences appetite, the enjoyment you get from eating food and the eating experience. That is why we have developed a unique series of fun and functional 3D shapes, based on the freedom in terms of options and the strictness of the requirements imposed. The 4 factors which determine the success of our 3D food designs are:

Product scanning
All the original products are scanned very accurately in 3D. The scans shape the basis for the further development of the shape.

Product styling
The scans have been styled using 3D design software to create 3D designs which take account of the maximum height, angle and overhang.

Print optimisation
Our 3D computer designs have been optimised for an efficient 3D food printing process and maximum printing speed.

Printing advice
For each 3D food recipe and each 3D product design we recommend how the best 3D food product can be created.



Appetite, enjoyment from eating food and quality of life

The delicious 3D food recipes and inviting 3D product designs created by our SVH Master Chef make eating a more enjoyable experience. They stimulate people's appetite and, as a result, resolve daily eating problems faced by specific target groups. Example:

3D food for: 


Less food waste

By using ingredients efficiently we help to limit food waste and therefore the effect of food production on climate change:

Precisely measured portion sizes
We tailor the portion sizes to the need of the target group so that almost no food is wasted.

Longer shelf life
Frozen semi-finished products have a longer shelf life. The longer the shelf life, the less food is wasted.

Use of 'wonky food'
We also process 'wonky food' which are high-quality products that deviate from the norm only in terms of shape.


3D food
with impact

Fresh and safe. Fair and delicious. Nutritious and varied. Those are the conditions which our 3D recipes always fulfil. The difference we make with regard to traditional food preparation is in:

  • the social and societal impact
    Moist purées disguised as solid, attractive, recognisable food. The innovative shapes we use to present the food make life easier for of people with problems relating to chewing, swallowing, taste and eating.
  • the ecological impact
    Precisely measured portions, a longer shelf life and the use of residual products. Our efficient, sustainable use of ingredients reduces food waste and the consequences of climate change.

Would you like to find out more
about Gastronology?

Would you like to find out more about Gastronology?

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