Job openings

Help us realize our dream and the dream of our target groups!


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- Trainee or graduate product development 3D food (24-40 hours pers week)

Gastronology, which started in 2019 and originated from the foundations of the Budelpack Group, is a company that focuses on innovative 3D food printing technology: development of 3D food recipes, 3D food designs and 3D food production technology. Fresh and safe. Fair and delicious. Nutritious and varied. Those are the conditions which our 3D recipes always fulfil.

The difference we make with regard to traditional food preparation is in:

  • The social and societal impact
    Moist purées disguised as solid, attractive, recognisable food. The innovative shapes we use to present the food make life easier for of people with problems relating to chewing, swallowing, taste and eating.
  • The ecological impact

Precisely measured portions, a longer shelf life and the use of residual products. Our efficient, sustainable use of ingredients reduces food waste and the consequences of climate change.

Target groups are:

  • Dysphagia patients (people with chewing and swallowing problems)
  • Children ages 4 to 12 who eat too few vegetables
  • Oncology patients: personalized nutrition.