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The development of
unique 3D food recipes and attractive 3D food designs 

The development of unique 3D food recipes and attractive 3D food designs is at the heart of our 3D food laboratory in Bergen op Zoom (NL). Our developments reflect the trends in modern gastronomy, namely emotion, creativity and sustainability and also serve a purpose. Gastronology gives people a more positive eating experience and improves their quality of life because they are able to eat tasty food in attractive, recognisable 3D shapes.

Refining what's good. Making lives better.

"Flavour and shape have a strong influence on someone's eating experience. Gastronology enables adults and children with problems relating to chewing, swallowing, taste, eating or appetite to once again enjoy delicious and attractive meals. This has numerous positive effects on their physical and mental well-being and that makes us extremely enthusiastic about what we are doing. Being able to make a significant contribution at a social and societal level is a huge motivation." 

Peter Nieuwkerk - Founder / CEO | Gastronology


Innovative 3D
food technology

Gastronology is an innovative 3D food technology which can be used in conjunction with countless food products. It aims to resolve problems and fulfil the needs of specific target groups and is needed for the production of 3D food on an industrial scale. The technology consists of:


  1. the creation of refined 3D food recipes
  2. the design of fun, fictitious and functional 3D product forms
  3. the optimisation of product designs for smart 3D food printing


3D food
with impact

Fresh and safe. Fair and delicious. Nutritious and varied. Those are the conditions which our 3D recipes always fulfil. The difference we make with regard to traditional food preparation is in:

  • the social and societal impact
    Moist purées disguised as solid, attractive, recognisable food. The innovative shapes we use to present the food make life easier for of people with problems relating to chewing, swallowing, taste and eating.
  • the ecological impact
    Precisely measured portions, a longer shelf life and the use of residual products. Our efficient, sustainable use of ingredients reduces food waste and the consequences of climate change.


The driving forces
behind Gastronology

Gastronology is the initiative of Peter Nieuwkerk, owner of the international Budelpack Group. This family business, which was founded in 1971, packs foodstuffs – solid, liquid, powder and granulated form – in primary product packaging.

Peter is responsible for strategy and his focus is on innovative projects in the food industry. For example, the 'Co-packing on Demand' service won the NL Packaging Award 2020 in the 'Innovation Technology' category. The jury referred to it as 'groundbreaking', 'the new approach to packaging' and 'a key development for future packaging lines'.

His latest initiative - Gastronology - is groundbreaking once again. Since 2019 Peter and SVH Master Chef, Eugène Swalen, have been the driving force behind this 3D food innovation. As of April 2024 industrial production - under licence - of the 3D printed food line has started. 

Staying curious and acquiring global inspiration

"Craftsmanship, passion, product knowledge, discipline and being open to new technologies form the basis for being a good chef, as well as putting existing knowledge and new developments into practice, staying curious and acquiring global inspiration because these days people's expectations are high."

Eugène Swalen - SVH Master Chef | Gastronology

Would you like to find out more
about Gastronology?

Would you like to find out more about Gastronology?

If you are curious to find out about the possibilities Gastronology can offer your organisation,
please call us for more information on +31 (0)164 – 74 57 99 or email us.



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