3D food for children

Developed for fussy children

Children often refuse to eat beans, broccoli and other vegetables.

Because they are not tasty, do not look appetising and because children simply do not like doing what their parents want. Thanks to the 3D food line we have developed, you can make vegetables irresistible because 3D food is tasty, colourful and can be printed in entertaining and funny shapes. From now on eating vegetables is going to be fun.


The origin and branding of 3D food products

One of the producers of 3D end products is Budelfood, a Gastronology licensee. In the first quarter of 2024 Budelfood is going to start producing 3D food on an industrial scale. Within Europe Budelfood will supply 3D food products under the provisional working name of 'KidZZ'. Outside of Europe it is possible to introduce 3D food under a(n) (individual) brand name. The 3D food products will be supplied frozen and carefully packed. Each item of 3D food packaging will state not only the product brand name but also the text: Developed by Gastronology.


60% do not eat
enough vegetables

On average, 6 out of 10 children fail to achieve the recommended daily intake of vegetables. Toddlers aged between 1 and 3 need 50-100 grams, children aged between 4 and 8 need 100-150 gram and children aged over 8 need 200-300 grams each and every day so that they get enough fibre, vitamins and minerals and develop properly. KidZZ is ideal for fussy children who do not like vegetables and gives them everything they need to stay fit, healthy and strong.


A plateful of amusing vegetable shapes

KidZZ means no individually cooked vegetables which children can recognise, nor vegetables which look healthy, because then they will only think they are not tasty. Young children prefer to eat vegetables which do not look like vegetables, such as vegetables from the KidZZ line, which are made tastier by a secret mix of flavourings and more entertaining thanks to their funny 3D shapes, such as broccoli frogs, parsnip lizards, sweet potato fries and vegetable building blocks. This means parents can surprise their children with a new vegetable creation every day.


A host of colourful vegetables on a plate

Children like to see lots of different colours (6 or 7) on their plate. Particularly young children. The fact that children like seeing all kinds of different vegetables on their plates was why our SVH Master Chef concocted a colourful mix of vegetables of various colours in a single package. A plate full of colours and flavours encourages children to eat more vegetables and try vegetables they might otherwise turn their noses up at.

Huge potential for new products

"In a variety of international research projects we have demonstrated that building up food in layers has huge potential. 3D food has an excellent structure and is rich in nutrition thanks to the different types of basic ingredients used. 3D printing offers a unique possibility of using exact quantities of material in a very specific 3D locations. For example, food producers can create improved or entirely new products with new shapes, textures, structures and tastes." 

Wageningen University & Research - WUR


Premixes, semi-finished products and end products

3D food is produced by Gastronology licensees. You may even become one of them in due course. As our partner you have 3 options:

Complex premixes
You purchase flavour, colour and binding agent premixes. You then prepare the recipes and print the 3D food and pack it as a Gastronology licensee.

3D ready-to-print semi-finished products
You purchase semi-finished products, consisting of vegetable purées including premixes. You then print and pack the 3D food as a Gastronology licensee

3D printed end products
You purchase end products. You subcontract the manufacture of the 3D food entirely to a Gastronology licensee. In that case you do not need a licence.

Would you like to find out more
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Would you like to find out more about Gastronology?

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