The benefits of Gastronology's 3D printed food

What exactly are the benefits of Gastronology's 3D printed food?

  • 3D food is easy to eat.
  • Tastes better.
  • Looks inviting.
  • Increases appetite, pleasure in eating and quality of life.

The social impact

Moist purees disguised as solid, attractive, recognizable food. The innovative shapes we use to present the food make life easier for people with problems relating to chewing, swallowing, taste and eating.

For children there are unrecognizable vegetables in funny and colorful 3D shapes, such as broccoli frogs and parsnip lizards. Children who eat too few vegetables are stimulated to eat more vegetables and taste different kinds of vegetables.

The ecological impact

Measured portions, a longer shelf life and the use of residual products. Our efficient, sustainable use of ingredients reduces food waste and the consequences of climate change.

Target groups are:

  • Dysphagia patients (people with chewing and swallowing problems)
  • Children aged 4 to 12 who are eating too few vegetables
  • Oncology patients: personalized nutrition.


Published: November 16, 2021