Dysphalicious: the making of a new brand name!

In 2021 Gastronology launched an international brand naming contest to find a new brand name. 'Dysphalicious' was chosen as the winning brand name for Gastronology's new product range: 3D printed food for people with dysphagia. 

After the winning brand name was chosen, it had to go through a creative process in order to develop a logo and suitable colors, archetypes, fonts, etc.

The brand is described in detail by using a so called 'brand key' (target group, USP, etc.). It describes a.o. the brand's mission, competition, target group, values ​​& personality, and its distinctive strength.

The brand name is characterized by choosing an 'archetype'. The archetype is a personality type that describes the nature of the brand, for example 'the caregiver'.

The 'tone of voice' is the next step in the creative process and focuses on all communication related to the brand name.


This is followed by development of the logo, a possible pay-off and what the logo should look like.  

Various logos are created and the best and most suitable logo is chosen.




Last but not least: a color palette is used to determine which color best matches the logo: will it be warm colors, cold colors or a combination of both?

The final logo for Dysphalicious will be announced in March 2022! Stay tuned!

  Published: January 27, 2022